I’m waiting on my Google Wallet Card to get to my house. I have tried to imagine what I might use it for since a majority of my spending is done on credit cards. Most of my monthly and daily expenses go own a few credit cards and I pay off everything once a month. (I do this because I can keep one card at home that has all my monthly charges on it (netflix, hulu, etc.) and not have to cancel it if my wallet is stolen).

Barring any specific use for me, I think the Google Wallet Card is going to be a great way to teach my (future) kids about personal finances.  The Google Wallet Card operates similarly to a prepaid visa or top up card, when the balance is depleted more money must be added to continue using it. My wife and I can pay their allowance to a Wallet Card and then let them use the balance. My parents taught my sister and I using actual money. I think that may be a useful means at first, but I think this will provide an excellent stepping stone to full independence.

I’ll post more about the Wallet Card when I receive it.

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David Spatholt

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